The Verde Blu  B&B rooms look out onto a forest in which predominates the Mediterranean spot. It can be a nice alternative when the sea is rough or in the early morning or when you want to be accompanied to know the essences of the spot where each species can be told a story from the past.
The forest is a good example of biodiversity with some species also quite rare, other impressive, others just beautiful. Until the late spring blooms are many, including those of small meadows of wild orchids and autumn and there are many species of mushrooms (when they decide to go out). The summer in the woods is the time of the most intense aromas of the flowers, which is the true scent of Salento, but also the products of the orchard which is a side of the forest and you can find during the breakfast. But it is always the time of typical small animals: the nicest are curly, along with many species of birds including a kite that has chosen as home one of the highest of the forest pines.

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